quote of the day-life can be so sudden

Life can be so sudden

Tengah lunch kat pantry, tetiba one of the lawyer cakap,'Life can be so sudden'


Nothng last forever,

Kelmarin kata sayang, esok lusa terus menghilang.

and another quote for the day

" when the person not happy with you, or you not happy with whoever you with now. release each other, dont hold them too long, dont hold to whatever not belongs to you. someone else is waiting for them. someone else can make you smile"


  1. Salam, wow, kalau i dah tersedak dah dgr dia ckp camtu..tgh makan lak tu, so sudden, tp betul lah tuu...hope kita dipanjangkan umur, aminn~

  2. So sudden..i baca quote tu..nice


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