stupid question

can' agree much. I'm trying not to talk about this but I cant keep it to myself. you guys should know sometime curiosity can turn into very stupid question. I understand if that so call curiosity come from non-muslim. yeah they don't understand I mean for them aurat is hair&body. they don't know hukum hakam, to whom and with whom and limits of tepuk tampar and blablabla. But what upset me is those stupid question came from Muslim -Malay. I mean why? why you should ask me this kind of question and what did you expect? what you want me to answer? Gimme the script bebeh and I will make you satisfied.can?

pffft. I syak kan dorang ni terpengaruh tb kot. dorang nak jawapan yang 'vavavoom' sangat contohnya " I mimpi kan macam sapa tak pakai tudung kan nanti kena telan dengan gunung berapi so I pun pakai lah" . like eh come on, kena tunggu semua tu jadi ke? tapi ANDAI lah I mimpi benda macam tu, I takkan lah nak cerita kat orang pulak. I diam je lah. benda buruk takyah citer la labuuuu.