Jom Online Shopping Di 28 Mall

what are the most exciting things for us girls except shopping?
ONLINE SHOPPING, of course. Hahaha. hey it makes big different okay. At least I don't have to pay car park, toll and I can even shop while laying on my bed in my sleeping gown.
okay let me introduce you the latest (and coolest) online shopping website - 28 Mall.
Yang membuatkan 28 Mall unik dan lain dari yang lain
1- Shop For Free
FREE? Yes, you may shop for free. You just have to share your link and collect your HongBao (HB$) in US$. Cool!

Log in hari hari pun HB boleh bertambah. mana nak dapat macam ni? muahahaha. damn cool.
2- Originality
I mean, who like fake stuff kan. Unfortunately when we shop online, we cannot differentiate original and imitation item. Nanti dah dapat baru kita tau ori ke tak. Time tu menyesal pun tak guna dah. tapi di 28 Mall, they only sell authentic branded item. But good news is, their price are lower than boutiqe

Trust me guys, they have Patek Phillipe too . Gosh
3- Redeem
We LOVES free stuff right? I mean  who doesnt kan? Di 28 Mall, you all boleh collect HB and redeem item for free. Boleh redeem Apple Iphone 7 , branded perfume designer handbags. walawehh.
 *aiming on that pink MK handbag* 
So what you waiting for? Grab your daily HongBao and share it to your friends on FB. Whatsapps Group and any other social media. easy peasy right?
Antara brand yang popular dalam 28 Mall ni ialah seperti Papa Recipe, Inga CC Cream  (check out amazing video here),Inga Aurora and Jayjun Korea Mask. Oh they also have Laneige, Sulwhasoo & Whoo ( Whoo liptisck are to die for guys)

gorgeous. to die for

 dont' worry gentleman.they also have Adamas Japan for you. Yes , they have iPhone case and other accesories.

cantiknya iPhone case tu. boleh beli for husband or boipreng ke. hiks
 For coffee lover, we have Gimoka Italy Coffee Capsule for you all. wahhh banyaknya benda. lama lama tengok website ni boleh gilaa tau.
the box itself dah elegant. yummy
 See, barang original and harga pun not bad. tak mahal sangat. So what do you waiting for, jom lah kita shopping.
 For more info, kindly visit
Happy Shopping
Toodles, Xoxo


  1. amboih... perempuan gitu lah, asal dpt supink suke lah
    klu tak dpt supink trs... dpt supink online pun ok

  2. huiiii...i mmg seram kalau shopping online ni...klik klik je abes duit...huwaaaaa...

  3. hari2 ni kalau nampak maunya habis poket kempis shopping online

  4. You might be qualified to get a free Apple iPhone 7.


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