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Senangnya Order Online Food From Pappa Delivery

Good Day everyone!

Yesterday I took halfday to babysit Maira and Ash. My parents have to settle their errands somewhere. I dah start risau, how to cook, man! Maira tu clingy baby. Ash kalau bangun from his nap,  confirm nak dukung je. hadoi macam mana nak masak ni. Nak tapau apa pun tak sempat. semua rushing. Delivery?But I am rice people and I do need rice for lunch.

Nasib baik ada zaman sekarang ni ada online food order . Canggih kan semua pakai online je. Nasi pun boleh order online.  Tak payah risau pasal rasa, sebab this well-known Pappa Rich. memang dah terbukti sedap. 

Okay let me introduce you this super easy and user friendly website- Pappa Delivery by PappaRich.

First you have to select your area. 
Nasib baik rumah I yang dalam hutan tu pun runner boleh cari T_T tu pun after 2 kali sesat. 

Okay they few option here. Macam I rice people of course la I pilih rice. yumm yumm

Banyak pilihan and semua memang mouth watering. T_T help me please. So,after few mins staring on the screen, I decided to eat Hainan Steamed Chicken Rice 

But their noodles option also not bad. I'm aiming on the Curry Laksa Special . Like hello, its PappaRich's Laksa okay. siapa belum try, you guys should and have to try. Kalau you area belum masuk list lagi, please shoot to nearest PappaRich now. 

*saliva drooling*

you can also order drinks from their website. PappaRich's Chocolate Drink superb as always. 

Okay, ini antara yang I order semalam. Chicken rice for me. Yang lain for my parents bawak bekal.I bagi house address terus senang

Laju betul. I belum sampai rumah, the food  already there! senang lah. kesian kat runner, rumah I kan dalam hutan. Tapi dia berjaya cari jugak. thanks ye  :)

Kuddos to Pappa Delivery and PappaRich team. your runner bagus,sopan dan sabar. Even dua kali sesat, tapi still sabar nak deliver makanan customer. 5 star for your customer service!

If your area are in the list, what you waiting for?Tak payah fikir apa dah terus je order. Minimum is RM 30 per delivery and the delivery charges are super cheap-RM 5. Your order will be delivered within 1.5 hours upon confirmed orders. quite fast lah.

Once you guys dan log in website PappaDelivery ni, confirm rambang mata. yes, sama macam masuk outleti  PappaRich. I selalu confuse nak makan apa. rasa nak telan semua, boleh?

In the meantime, they don't charge for GST. wehuuuu. and no worries, their food is proudly Halal Certified to the highest standard from Jakim. so, makan tanpa was was ye kawan-kawan. 

Chicken Rice super sedap. yang lain pun awesome taste. ,My mom suruh order selalu -___-

Toodles, Xoxo


  1. walapun mcm agak pricy skit nengok tp bile nampak hasilnya...
    banyak n besar portion nya... nampak fresh gitu...

    senang keje kan...

  2. untunglah rumah dalam area bandar even dalam hutan. haha.

  3. Cici! Untunglah as a rice people pun tapi badan kurus cung macam Erra Pajira. Errr! Hahaha...thanks for sharing this babe. Now I know where to order food online and via delivery. Wohhooo!!!! senangkan hidup betul.

  4. Papparich ada deliveryyyy??? Oh my goodness.. Ini best! Seriously baru tau! Thank you so much for sharing this mommy cici! Curry laksa dia memang terbaik! Sedap sangat and portion pun banyak... Okay nak order. Yum yum...

  5. wahh baru tahu ada food delivery untuk papa rich..ingatkan macdonald je ada..huhu

  6. Wahhh Papa Rich bole deliver.. nanti leh test ni..

  7. Terbaeklah Paparich boleh deliver.. selalunya fastfood je kannn

  8. bestnyer...semuanya di hujung jari

  9. senangnya hidup babe ! kalau la ade dekat kelantan. hahahaha


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