Wofollow Mobile Coupon App - Enjoy Endless Promotion!

Holla everyone!
So recently Wofollow has finally launch their mobile coupon apps where you guys can redeem coupon for shopping, foodies, etc. Sound exciting right?
The best part is, you guys can select from few categories such as Beauty, Fashion, F&B and many more!
So easy and super user friendly!
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 For example, if you would like to redeem coupon for F&B, you can select the place you wish to go for example I choose Take A Shot Studio Cafe, I just have to click Redeem and tadaa. so easy

You just have to show the coupon upon purchase. easy peasy right?

Other than that they also will list down any participated outlet (if any). so easy, you don't have to susah payah search /Google it. senangnya!

 And , if  the coupon has finished collect, you will see 'Finished' sign, instead of Redeem. waa so dissapointing. Its my favourite cafe  anyway. learnt from the lesson, always check the apps. never let other people redeem first.


So what do you waiting for?? Zoom to your Play Store or APP Store and download the app now.
Pssstt... They have their weekly exclusive 'Anti Blue' where you can download exclusive voucher release every Monday at 12pm(sharp)


  1. Uish bagusnya... kalau rajin check for deals memang beruntung kan.


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