Slide The City In Kuala Lumpur

Slide the City is returning to Kuala Lumpur!

Ha kalau you guys tengah fikir kemana nak bawak family, something fun and different boleh datang sini. Tak payah fikir nak pergi jauh jauh okay.Jimat masa dan energy. Duit pun jimat jugak.

I memang suka buat aktivity macam ni dengan kids and angkut parents sekali. Family bonding time katanyaaa
Best part is, this time they will be staying for one whole
month! Jangan bagi alasan tak cukup masa okay.
Best nya!! Looking forward to this. Kalau bawak kids mesti dorang suka ni.

Below are overall details of the event:
Date: 30 th September 2017 - 29 th October 2017

Day & Time: Friday (5PM - 12AM)
                          Saturday (9AM - 12AM)
                       Sunday (9AM - 12AM)

Venue: Setia City Convention Centre, Shah Alam
So, get your sunscreen, swimsuits and hats ready to go down this massive three-lane slide for a fun
day in the sun! Bring your family and friends because this event is catered for every one of all ages!
There’s a game section for the kids and the young at heart and a food carnival as well in case you get
hungry. With a wide selection of food trucks, you and your fam-bam will be spoilt with food choices.
Let your taste buds go wild!

Tickets are on sale at RM29 for unlimited slides or if you want the royal treatment, VIP tickets are
priced at RM86. Tickets are now available online, purchase now for early bird rates!
Slide the City is especially for those looking for a fun and cool time this summer! Slide the City is a
worldwide phenomenon and has invaded major cities including United States, Canada, Columbia,
United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan and many more.
Jom bawa kids and family , enjoy.
Pssst... the price quite affordable duh. 


  1. Memang enjoyyy habis ni lagi lagi kalau bawak kids. Hehehe ��

  2. Wahhh bestnya...saya pun suka p tempat tempat macam ni


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