Gindara @ Kofuku Japanese Restaurant

The word Gindara might not be familiar in everyone’s ear but many would recognize it as the Cod Fish. Gindara is especially famous in Asian countries and the name itself derived from Japan. Gindara ,also known as black cod or sablefish is one of the most expensive fish in Japan, alongside the famous Unagi or freshwater eel; and it’s usually served as sushi or sashimi.
Enthral, our Kofuku Japanese Restaurant is introducing a new gourmet experience associating with Gindara; that will surely make you be in seventh heaven!
The prized delicacy is the hit of this month that comes in various preparation styles. On top of that, it is paired with signature sauces to please your palate. Luxuriate your taste with offerings such as Gindara Nabe with Citrus Dipping Sauce. Nabe or in its norm called Nabemono contains a variety of ingredients that are put together into Japanese hot pot dishes.
Diners should also try out the New Style Cube Gindara Teriyaki and Steamed Gindara with Ginger Miso. Surely you will crave for more. Oh dear, my saliva drooling!
The price range for Gindara is starts from RM 60 nett per serving. The Kofuku Japanese Restaurant is open Mondays – Fridays from 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm (lunch) and 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm (dinner).
All above prices are inclusive of prevailing taxes.
More details or for reservations, please call 03 – 4042 5555.
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  1. sedapnya. alahai restoran jepun cenggini kena pi ke alor staq la jawab nya. hehehehhee

  2. mahal boleh tahan.. hahaha.. tak mampu laa.. sekali sekala boleh la kan..

  3. nmpk fresh & sgt yummylicious..tapi kalau mentah, cam payah sikit nak telan..

  4. Salam kak. GV follow blog kak Mommycici ya. Ikan kod mmg famous utk makanan Jepun kan kak. huhu.

  5. mahal jugak hidangan ni ea. bermakna memang makanan femes jugak la disana. sebut unagi tu memang tak boleh go masuk tekak sebab terbayang-bayang belut tu meletik-letik kan badan

  6. ya Alah sedapnya makannya..nampak macam healthy food jugak ni